Motors Through and Through


DPP live and breathe motors. Although we are a full service business to all industries, our passion for over 30 years is Automotive Marketing.

We built our foundations on it, we love it and we’re rather good at it.

We offer a full marketing package to our clients from web, dynamic email & SMS, social, video and online services, to print & direct mail, radio, TV, press and point of sale, plus exclusive online products geared to maximise the profitability of your retail centre. We work to develop your strong brand message and values within the framework and constraints and limitations of the franchise, all the time pushing boundaries.

DPP have been running Exclusive VIP style customer events since back in the days of DC Cook in the late 80’s. We have many proven strategies to choose from, coupled with unique staff sales and prospecting incentives designed to motivate, engage and reward your sales and service teams. We also have clever conquest strategies aimed at driving more unique customers to your website and retail centre for both sales and aftersales.

All our material is bespoke designed ‘on brand’ and backed up with phenomenal results and testimonials going back to the early 1990’s. We’re fast and will pull out all the stops when required to. 

In the fast evolving world of Automotive Retail we stay ahead of the curve, developing new ideas and strategies to help you maximise sales and improve customer retention, and demonstrating Return on Investment for your marketing. 

Find out about our new PACE Event that is revolutionising automotive sales.

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