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We are famous for our innovative VIP Style Events, typically providing you with a month’s worth of sales in one week, for just £54 per sale.

Our Events start from as little as £450 per dealership to £4500 for our highest-level event.

The highest-level events include our acclaimed Prospecting Portal on which customers can book their own appointment. For those who don’t book directly, your Sales Team can use the Portal to actively prospect appointments and fill up their own diary.

The Direct Mail, SMS and Email prospect communications all connect to our Portal to enable a suite of results which allow you to see the communication methods that generated the most returns and lowest cost per sale.

Our tried and tested communications schedule will target customers in a way that maximises activity, enhanced by the attractive Point of Sale on site when prospects arrive for their appointment.

We will work with you to select the best event to suit your budget and database. You can choose to include or exclude Direct Mail, Point of Sale, the Prospecting Portal or online games to motivate your team to achieve your event target.

Creatively, we know what works and can provide a selection of event themes to keep your events fresh.

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