2019-06-21 16:07:29

What would you say if you were asked to explain the difference between Marketing and Advertising?

The more people I speak to, the clearer it becomes that people in the industry don’t know.

It started when I recently interviewed a post-graduate. The person had a degree in Business Management, specialising in Marketing and I asked that same question.

“Explain the difference between Marketing & Advertising?”

They didn’t know. Their answer was something around Marketing being more focused. I think they meant targeted!!


To explain Marketing in detail would (and does) take a full book, but the basic Marketing Mix are McCarthy’s Four Ps (often extended to the 7 Ps):

·        Product – What you sell

·        Price – How much you sell it for

·        Place – Where you sell it

·        Promotion – How you tell your prospects about it


Advertising is just one element of ‘Promotion’. Marketing is a much broader brush than Advertising, but unlike Advertising it sounds cosy, important and non-intrusive.


It’s no wonder there is confusion, wherever you look, Marketing is stolen and used against its will.

‘Sales’ has slowly become a dirty word. After all, nobody wants to be sold to. So, we now have Marketing Suites. There is nothing Marketing about them, but it sounds a lot nicer doesn’t it?!

If you keep looking, you’ll see Marketing being misused every day.

Marketing Departments?!? For most the title is warranted, but Communication Department could be more appropriate for some!!

Digital Marketing!?! It’s Digital Advertising!! Content Marketing……the list goes on. The Marketing Industry has sold its sole.

Advertising Agencies make themselves look more important by calling themselves a ‘Marketing Agency’. They aren’t marketeers!!

They don’t decide the product their client will sell or the price it will be sold for. Neither do they decide where the retail outlet will be located or if the client should sell via online only.

Not that there is anything wrong with being an Advertising Agency of course, but they should at least get their business title correct!

DPP are one of the few genuine Marketing Agencies. Our relationship with The Northern Belle luxury train journey does include our involvement in the full Marketing mix.


The long and the short of it is, the incorrect use of Marketing isn’t doing any harm, but it’s not right.