2020-03-23 11:56:22

Preventative Measures


In light of the current Covid-19 situation we would firstly like to reach out to you all and keep you updated with the measures taken by DPP and Boardman Pitts towards the safety of our clients and supply partners, our staff and our community.


As a company we have implemented a number of preventative measures in line with Government and global health and safety recommendations to mitigate the risk of Covid-19 within the company. We have stepped up the level of sanitizing and hand washing products and all areas are anti-bacterial cleaned several times daily to minimise risk. All visitors report to reception and are required to sanitize before entry.


These are challenging times, but we are focused and have prepared contingency to limit the risk of our staff becoming infected by the virus.


A number of colleagues are working remotely, but all remain in contact digitally with both clients and the business. We have a skeleton team at the offices at present and in the event of a lockdown we can all still operate remotely to fulfil our clients’ requirements.


Open for Business


It is a worrying time for business, but home isolation and lockdown produces a ‘CAPTIVE AUDIENCE’.  Many of our clients are thinking outside the box offering services to the doorstep and we can bring your message to the customer in many different forms, helping to keep those communication channels open.


We are also now working on Q3 material for businesses so that everyone can hit the ground running with prepared campaigns to make sure of an unfair share of the market when business returns to normal and sanctions are lifted. All this remotely, minimising risk.


We urge everyone to follow the Government and NHS guidelines, stay safe and keep healthy and most of all support your family, friends, colleagues and business partners.


Best wishes and good health to everyone.