2019-06-26 16:17:27

The first step in creating a sales incentive is to understand your sales team and what motivates them? 

For some it’s financial, others is shiny new things and for some it’s as simple as an early finish or an extended lunch break. 

A motivated sales team usually means satisfied customers as the enthusiasm that the sales person has will make for a better experience for the customer.

Once you understand what will encourage them to perform to their best and know what drives them it’s time to look at how to deliver that incentive.

What are the key factors in a Sales Incentive?

With any Sales Incentive program you have to start by setting clear and obtainable goals and decide what you as a business want to achieve from it. Are appointment rates good but sales figures not so good? Is there a need to encourage more prospecting and appointment taking? Or is it all of the above? 

The next key factor is to set a time scale for the Incentive, it could be a weekend, full week, an entire month or the complete sales quarter. Whichever you chose it has to be clear to those taking part when they have to complete their target by. Which brings us nicely on to our next point….. Targets, look at the same period for the previous year and use the data obtained here to set attainable goals. 

You’re getting close to having all the information needed to create a winning sales incentive strategy!

What are you going to incentivise them with?

League tables based on % of target are usually the best way to get everyone involved with prizes for the top 3 and backed up with a game to play for each sales person that achieves certain criteria throughout the incentive.

How do I deliver this?

DP Publicity offer bespoke sales incentives that are proven to drive sales and motivate teams and have been doing for over 20 years. Have a look at a couple of the games we offer as part of our management platform:

Strike It Lucky
Penalty Shoot Out

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