2020-01-03 09:19:46


Everyday your dealership has a steady flow of sale opportunities drive right up to the door. Each Aftersales Customer is an opportunity with whom you already have a relationship, all you need to do is engage them with an offer strong enough to switch into a different car. 

We have a number of ideas to help with this, which armed with a hungry sales force will reap the rewards for very little cost. 

The below option offers to pay the cost of their service bill if they buy a replacement car in the next 30 days. The Service Department charge the Sales Department for the cost and it’s then built into the deal. 

The beauty is that you choose which cars would best suit the offer and you have time to value their car after the service when you know the amount of work required. You can also cherry pick vehicles you know would make a healthy margin when sold as a Used Car on your pitch. 

Take a look at the artwork below and contact me to claim your free artwork service.