2020-01-10 14:00:42

Second Handover Invite

When picking up their new car, customers just want to get in and drive it. You explaining how to work the Climate Control goes in one ear and out of the other. After which, they drive away without a full understanding of their car’s capabilities or how to work them.


We created a solution which invites each customer back for a Second Handover after a week of ownership. At this point, they are less excitable and in a better position to listen to your detailed handover. It also has the following benefits:


  • They will have some specific questions after driving the vehicle for a week
  • You have a second opportunity to sell add-ons such as mats, service plans etc
  • You have a second opportunity to book a service date


By dealing with any problems they may have encountered and providing this improved service, you are more likely to score well when the customer receives the all-important customer experience follow up call. They are also more likely to recommend you and return to buy their next car.


Below is an example of the document we produced, which inside has a range of other features to help with the process.


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