2021-03-25 11:23:09

Solve Your Customers’ Clock Change Frustration

I hate it when the clocks go forward, because it means the timer on my cooker is wrong for the next six months. Yes, I could change it, but honestly, I’ve never worked out how!!


However acceptable or not that is, it’s really frustrating when the same happens in your car and you don’t know how to change the clock by an hour.


Relieve your customers’ frustrations, with a simple communication to explain how to change the clock on their car, ask them to call you and go over it on the phone or even better, call into the dealership.


Below is a simple email and social post to help get you started. If you need my help to sort it for you, click the button below or call me direct on 07855 767972 and I’ll be glad to help.


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