2020-10-30 09:15:34


Supporting their favourite sports club is second nature to most fans, whether it’s the local cricket team or their town’s professional football team.

A simple way to encourage fans to purchase from you is a promise to donate money to the team of their choice when they purchase.

There are a number of benefits to all parties:

  • Raises funds for the Sports Club
  • Raises your local community profile
  • Social Media opportunity
  • Additional Sales Opportunity


You will need to promote the incentive to the Club’s fans, which depending on the size of the club, would depend on how we’d do that. This could be an advert in the club programme like the below example, or a poster in the club’s bar and changing room.

It takes a little bit of leg work, which a pro-active agency will offer to organise for you. If you’d like us to help you with this, please call me on 07855 767972 or start a conversation by clicking the below form and speak to an agency that bring the ideas to you.


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