2020-02-11 10:12:38

Only a few weeks away from March, vehicles registered in March 2017 will need their first MOT. Escalate this with previous years’ vehicles and many dealerships struggle to cope with the demand and simply run out of hours.


The Solution

By offering a discounted rate to encourage owners to perform their MOT and Service in February, you can increase bookings during an historically quiet month, while ensuring you don’t lose any customers due to over capacity in March.


Additionally, offering a Warranty Check before theirs’ expires (although not favoured by Manufacturers), can highlight further opportunities, while gaining favour with your customers.


Other benefits include:

  • Identifying residual service work
  • Booking their next service appointment
  • Offer a deal on a new car while you have their Part Exchange


 Below are some communication options we have on file from our 30 years experience. If you’d like to discuss creating your own bespoke campaign, please click the button below, complete the form and I’ll be in touch.

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