We have a special knack for making things happen online with your staff that you may not have thought possible. Successful in the motor trade, these events can be used for other areas of retail.

When you need to force the market, there’s nothing that works better than internal motivation from the TOP in line with an external powerful marketing campaign and combined with your drive, the results speak for themselves.

With over 1500 online incentive events since 1998, this is a specialist area for DPP, where Sales Executives and Managers compete to be the best and are rewarded accordingly. These sophisticated online incentives are run 24/7 by our skilled staff who issue regular missives encouraging the sales process and games bulletins along with the general hype and ‘wind-up’ of the event. Most major motor retailers in Britain have used and continue to use our online incentive events to great effect.

Dealerships are split into leagues according to objective and leagues can be viewed online on a specially created event website. Sales are input as they happen and leagues updated automatically, with minimum effort.

It’s fun and hugely effective both for staff motivation and results. What’s more it is cost effective for single sites but especially for large groups of retailers who benefit from greater economies of scale. 19 years of proven results speak for themselves. 

Find out How to Create Sales Incentives That Work